Vinyl Clean Rooms | Process
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The Process

Throughout all of our projects we follow a similar process from start to finish to make sure the consistency and professionalism of our work is maintained to the highest level possible.



Cove Former

All of our floor, wall and ceiling applications have a 38 mm radial cove former fitted to all internal angles which is then covered in vinyl to provide smooth round internal angles.



Corner Junctions

At all internal corner junctions have specially formed corner inserts which are then fitted creating a continuous rounded corner which is easy to clean.



Joint Welds

All of the joints of the vinyl finish are fully hot welded with matching seam cable and trimmed flat and perfectly smooth for a completely impervious and continuous surface for all walls, floors and ceilings.




Internal Corners

With the combination of the specially formed corner junctions along with our seamless joint welding the finish of our internal corners is flawless.



External Corners

At all external cove former ‘mitres’ the vinyl covering is formed so that the joints are never directly on the ‘mitre’ again creating a continuous rounded corner.